Warranty & Disclaimer



Most of our Leather goods are made of three materials: Leather, fabric and hardware.

We offer lifetime warranty on our leather products under normal usage. Lifetime warranty applies to our “Leather” which is genuine leather made of Buffalo/goat/sheep depending upon product to product. Damage to Leather in terms of cuts, stains etc. due to negligence is not covered.

Upon receiving the product, our warranty covers items purchased from our official website that may exhibit a manufacturing or material defect such as:

  1. Assembly errors
  2. Material failures
  3. Stitching errors
  4. Metal fitting flaws.


If the delivered item has any of the above defects but has exceeded 15 days of delivery, the warranty will not be applicable in such cases.   

Normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty; each case will be evaluated separately. We will either replace or repair the item, depending on the particulars and the issue at hand. Please view return policy for further details.


Any cuts, stains or marks on leather or fabric occurring due to negligence use or by mistake.

Any problem in hardware beyond a period of 1 year. We can certainly repair at a cost.

Any issue or damage to the product during transit. 

What we cover!

Any manufacturing defect upon receiving the product.

Any issue in hardware within 1 year of receiving the product 



To claim the warranty, please follow the steps given below:

  1. If you receive a product which has a manufacturing defects like cut, marks which are quite evident, please contact our team for assistance. Please follow the steps to claim the warranty:
  2. Please share a few images of the problems in the product.

Our team will assess the problem and update you in 24 working hours depending.