"Our philosophy is centered around establishing a link between contemporary design and culture, with each product showcasing the passion and skill of our artisans."


At The Leather Warehouse, our journey began in 2015 with a simple dream: to create magnificent leather products that people will love. Chhavi Mittal is the founder and started a line of leather bags after a lifelong passion for craftsmanship and a deep commitment to quality. We went through difficulties, but our passion for leather products together with our commitment to our business were the main pillers. Being a result of the process completion, the company grew gradually, bringing new product lines and customers from different locations. Today, we are proud to stand as a symbol of authenticity in the leather industry. Our story is a narrative of strength and courage, And as we continue to evolve, our mission remains the same: to infuse our products with the handmade goods' timeless appeal and originality.